Our students earn 24 credit hours per year through their enrollment at Lee University, one of the Top Rated Universities in the nation according to U.S. News and World Report. Our students are able to choose from several degree programs offered through Lee University's Division of Adult Learning at a discounted rate of 50% off tuition. Federal financial aid is available. However, if you feel that Lee University is not the right fit, students are able to choose from another online college, school, or university of their choice that fulfills their scholarships or preference for educational path.


What we do flows naturally out of who we are. Through classes, mentoring, service opportunities, the practice of classical spiritual disciplines, submission to one another and spiritual authorities, and faith in the work of the Spirit of Christ (Holy Spirit) that lives in and through believers, we seek to be conformed to the nature and image of Christ.


A life of faith and relationship with God occurs within a specific context and culture. We do not seek to isolate ourselves from the culture but strive to engage the culture and work with the Spirit of God to redeem it. God is not restricted or limited from revealing Himself and working only in places and through people we consider sacred.


Christianity is to be a way of life which sends followers of Christ into the world to serve God and our neighbors, so that God's will may be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Our belief is that every person is intentionally created by a loving God with unique personalities, talents, gifts, and abilities that reveal something of the activity and reality of God. We believe that God uses people and circumstances, both good and bad, to shape us and instill in us longings and desires that direct us toward discovering and fulfilling our ultimate purpose in life. The ultimate purpose in life is to know God and to receive and reflect His love.


Every follower of Christ is called to ministry. Some serve as vocational ministers in the context of a local church or ministry while others serve in the context of family and marketplace careers. We strive to help students who are pursing vocation in government, education, arts and entertainment, media, the social sector, health care, and the service industry to discover ways to integrate their faith and calling with their future career.


Studies show that after high school, many Christian teens and young adults leave the church and lose their faith. Many have concluded that the Church and Christianity have little relevance to daily life and are unable to address the problems of a postmodern world. Our students are equipped and encouraged to accept the challenge of leading their generation back into a community of faith and back into alignment with the teachings and example of Jesus. Our students are able to take the Gospel into their culture and reveal the transformational power of God to address local and global needs such as social justice, racial reconciliation, relief from poverty, freedom from addiction, and family restoration. In doing so, our students are helping the Church regain her voice among their generation.